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Yippie ki yay mother fucker


"Any chance you can post videos of you wife wearing pantyhose while you have a snack? It would be nice to see a video of her where we don't have to watch you humping her.,idea: let us watch your lady putting on this black pantyhose, and maybe short trousers. and she could give you a footjob with her single black nyloned foot while you´re playing with the empty nylon on her right side.,she looks so great with her black pantyhose. sad we don´t see more of her stump. i´d love to see her moving on the bed, riding you, moving her stump, or for example rubbing your pen with her nyloned stump, bondage with the empty nylon on your dick etc.,Her stump looks so much better in pantyhose!,Amazing stuff. 😍,More pantyhose! 😍"



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    who is she?,her name is liona bee

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